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About us

We are an advertising agency specialized in mobile traffic according to the CPI model. We believe that the mobile advertizing market should be fair and square, transparent. And it can be so only if we are not just aimed to achieve an install, but rather consciously focused on users, living human beings behind those installs. It’s crucial to realize that without thorough analysis and study of the audience fair CPI is not possible. And we do realize that.
We constantly study mobile applications, users and their behavior. We develop our own software products that help us optimize the accumulated knowledge. We believe that in the end of the day CPI must evolve into CPU (cost per user), so the payment would be made not for digits in the statistic, but for loyal users acquired.


Our goal is choosing right audince for particular applications. That’s why we constantly optimise our sources using our own software solutions. Furthermore, one of our main directions of business is media buying, which not only serves as an instrument for bringing quality traffic, but also serves as a source of a major part of our knowledge of users and their behaviour. Close study of users helps us become stronger, wiser and more skillful. After all, our entire system has been built in such way, so we could not only deliver tons of installs, but to acquire loyal users.


We create such conditions for our publishers so they don’t have to waste time dealing with stumbling blocks of mobile advertising like dead offers, payment delays, slow support, non-competitive payouts. We can always offer unique offers, because we work with a lot of developers directly. But even if the offer is not exclusive, we make sure it has one of the highest payouts available on the market, thanks to the API integration of a massive database of advertisers. In our vision the publisher should concentrate solely on the quality of traffic. We take care of the rest.