• Traffic optimization

    People like new apps. They like playing strategies and shooters, saving time with help of organizers, improving their gadgets using the newest utilities. But people are different, all with different tastes, interests and hobbies and we as an advertising agency must be able to find the right audience for a particular application. If the traffic is blind — it’s wasted.That’s why we always strive to understand users as well as possible, we study them closely and constantly optimise our traffic sources.

  • High volumes

    We work with direct publishers and we conduct media buying, that’s why we can deliver  high volumes of quality mobile traffic according to the CPI and CPA models. Among our advertisers we’ve got major networks and developers, that’s why we contend primarily for direct offers. Having been working in mobile advertising we not only learned to deliver tons of installs or subscriptions, but foremost to acquire users who are truly interested in the app. We always try to deliver loyal users and do it on high volumes

  • Own traffic sources

    Media buying is not only a type of quality traffic, it’s also a possibility to enrich your knowledge and to improve your skills. You can spend years just reselling traffic and not to have a clue what’s the difference between true quality and junk. And largely due to media buying, as a type of activity when you have to risk your own money, when you are constantly forced to improve the creatives, invent new catchwords and texts, choose suitable advertising platforms — you realize the difference between just an install and an interested, soon-to-be loyal user.

  • Reviving old campaigns

    Working with old campaigns is the apogee of contention and competition in mobile advertising. Hundreds of companies have used a great variety of traffic sources before and literally burned the audience out. And you need profound expirience and knowledge in order to find a new approach to work with such applications. We’ll say it frankly — it’s not always possible to deliver much traffic to old campaigns, but when we manage to do it — we feel like advertising superheroes for a while.

  • Worldwide traffic

    Our top geographies are English-speaking countries, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Japan and Russia. Of course we work with other geographies as well, but for the abovementioned geos we can deliver much higher volumes of traffic. Our next goal — worldwide coverage, working with mobile traffic in every country of the world, on all 5 continents, every place where there are mobile gadgets. But we don’t want to act too swiftly and effusively here, because our priority is not just high volumes, first of all it’s the quality of traffic.

  • Support 24/7

    We organized the work of our agency in such way so our partners could have a backup manager, that could serve as a substitue of the primary account manager in any urgent matter. We realize how important is the quick and timely reaction of account managers in mobile advertising. So you can be sure that either in Skype, e-mail or telephone your questions will be answered within several minutes. And we know the importance of human relationships. Today we assign you a manager, tomorrow he becomes your buddy.