• Awesome campaigns

    We work with numerous major networks and mobile app developers. That’s why in our system you’ll always find plenty of unique campaigns. Even if the offer is not exclusive, be sure that it has one of the highest rates on the market. It’s because our managers begin every working day searching for the most competitive offers in our database, which contains hundreds of advertisers. Furthermore, we have most of our partners API integrated, which allows us to get updates on the best offers on the market immediately.

  • Flexible payment terms

    Usually we start working with new publishers on Net30 basis and if the partnership turns out to be fruitful and mutually beneficial — we proceed with more frequent payment terms. We’re open to shortening the payout cycle because we realize that beneficial conditions for our publishers help them deliver more traffic to our offers. But in order to achieve that the publisher must have high volumes and top quality of traffic. With our top publishers, who have proved their reliability over time we work on a weekly payment basis.

  • Payment without delay

    We do our best to provide our partners with the most convenient conditions and the most pleasant working environment possible. It applies to offer rates, support and of course payment conditions. If you work with us on Net30 basis — you can rest assured that your payment will be sent strictly within 30 days after invoicing. This includes all other payment cycles as well. In case of delay of payment from our advertisers we use our reserve funds that have been created specially for such emergencies.

  • Support 24/7

    We organized the work of our agency in such way so our partners could have a backup manager, that could serve as a substitue of the primary account manager in any urgent matter. We realize how important is the quick and timely reaction of account managers in mobile advertising. So you can be sure that either in Skype, e-mail or telephone your questions will be answered within several minutes. And we know the importance of human relationships. Today we assign you a manager, tomorrow he becomes your buddy.